Who we are

Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative (ESEC) is a full-spectrum, integrated energy services cooperative focused on socialising benefits of the energy transition. ESEC’s goal is to help customers save money by giving them more control over their energy and to ensure that the energy transition’s employment and economic benefits go to those who deserve it, the workers.

ESEC is a worker-owned and managed cooperative. We are committed to democratising the workplace and making sure workers are rewarded fairly for the value they produce. Each member has equal voting rights and decisions are made collectively and democratically.


What we do

Auditing and Assessing

ESEC’s team of experienced assessors will audit homes and buildings, producing reports and recommendations for improvements to energy efficiency and thermal comfort.


ESEC’s team of experienced retrofitters will retrofit buildings with a range of measures to improve thermal efficiency and comfort.

Smart Energy

In partnership with industry experts, ESEC will assess homes, apartment complexes and commercial buildings to recommend a range of smart and renewable energy measures to maximise savings and energy efficiency. These measures can include adoption of ESEC’s own building management systems, cost-effective energy brokerage, battery storage, rooftop solar, meter monitoring, split system air-conditioning and more.

ESEC will also offer a project management service to oversee the installation and upkeep of these measures.

Why we do it

The importance of household energy efficiency in reducing CO2 emissions and improving thermal comfort is well understood. Discussions with government agencies and welfare and energy organisations have confirmed that what is particularly lacking is the ability to increase the scale of energy efficiency provision, to ensure the work is carried out to a high standard by reputable companies, and to ensure wider social benefits in terms of jobs and training.

We are committed to economic democracy and worker-ownership. Our priority is to offer employment to those from backgrounds typically marginalised from energy and construction industries, such as women, asylum seekers and First Nations peoples.

 Our vision is to ensure the benefits of the energy transition is distributed democratically to local communities, through our own cooperative and the broader cooperative movement.  

Our partners