What is a worker cooperative?

A worker-co-op is a business that is owned and run by the workers themselves. Each worker is allocated one equal share in the business and a single vote to make decisions democratically about how it is run. This ensures workers are rewarded for the value they produce, and have a say in how that value is produced and distributed.

What areas do you service?

At present, ESEC services the greater metropolitan Melbourne area. In the future, we aim to also service regional Victoria

What is smart energy?

Smart Energy is the industry and process of using products, devices and services to improve energy efficiency. It places a large focus on implementing sustainable and renewable energy sources and systems to drive down costs and reduce c02 emissions

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Are there rebates available for your services?

There are a number of rebates and council subsidies that we can connect you with.

Please contact us here to find out your eligibility

Can you install solar panels on my roof?

ESEC can project manage installation of solar panels, making sure they are installed and positioned to maximise efficiency

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Can I work with ESEC?

If you’re interested in becoming a worker-member in our cooperative, please get in touch with us. While experience in energy efficiency and construction is desirable, training will be provided for all new employees.  There is a 6 month induction period before new workers can become full members of ESEC. If we don’t have any positions available, we can put you on our mailing list which will let you know when positions come up.

What is Earthworker and how is it connected to ESEC?

ESEC is affiliated with Earthworker Cooperative Ltd. Earthworker supports and promotes the establishment of worker-cooperatives in Australia, creating empowering and secure employment and sustainable enterprise. Visit Earthworker’s website to learn more and become a member of the cooperative movement. 

What is included in a retrofit?

Retrofit work varies according to the size, age and condition of the building, as well as customer budget and other factors. 

Common household retrofit measures include:

  • sealing of gaps, cracks and wall vents
  • installation of bottom door seals
  • replacement and insulation of manhole covers
  • zoning out of rooms
  • installation of timber perimeter seals to doors
Can you insulate my home?

ESEC can assess and provide recommendations for insulating your home, and project manage installation through our trusted insulator. Enquire here to get your home insulated