What is Smart Energy?

Smart Energy is the industry and process of using products, devices and services to improve energy customer outcomes. Smart Energy at ESEC places a large focus on implementing sustainable and renewable energy sources and systems to drive down costs and reduce C02 emissions

Smart Energy is a booming industry which will grow in importance for energy customers and governments as the world makes the transition to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Technological progress in the field of Smart Energy has come in leaps and bounds, including the Internet of Things, real-time energy system management and energy usage monitoring, which all help the efficiency of rooftop solar, batteries and load management in smart grids, microgrids and virtual power plants.

Implementing Smart Energy measures in your home or business can have a range of benefits including;

  • driving down energy costs and c02 emissions,
  • increasing energy resilience when exposed to climate change, grid failure, extreme weather or other crises,
  • improving local health, through thermal comfort and reduction in energy poverty
  • job creation for local workers
  • building of a local energy economy through local energy trading and the broader grid


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