Own the Energy Transition

Our worker-owned and operated cooperative will get your home or business energy efficient and saving on energy bills.
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Our Services

Assessing and Auditing

ESEC’s team of experienced assessors will audit your home or building, recommending improvements to energy efficiency and thermal comfort.



ESEC’s team of experienced retrofitters will retrofit buildings with a range of measures to improve thermal efficiency and comfort.

Smart Energy Services

ESEC will assess homes, apartment complexes and commercial buildings, recommending and installing smart energy measures that maximise savings and energy efficiency.

Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative is a member of the Earthworker Cooperative network.

Our goal is to establish a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia.

We believe social and environmental exploitation are intertwined, and that the problems of climate change, job insecurity and growing inequality must be tackled simultaneously, through greater grassroots economic ownership.